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Life Lessons - With the aim to do better - Everyday. Comedian turned Life Coach Shereen Thor will help you break the rules, and bust through old paradigms that hold you back so that you can live an extraordinary life by your design. From real life practical advice, to philosophy, to spirituality, entrepreneurship, relationships and life purpose - whether you are listening while commuting, This podcast is dedicated to helping you improve your life and deepen your spirituality.

Do you feel stuck in life?

Erotic Awakening Podcast

Maybe you just want to learn how to live your most authentic and happy life. Then this is the podcast for you. This is a daily podcast dedicated to self improvement and spirituality. I will show you how to make your life easier and better. Prepare to shine like never before.

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Hosted by Nikki Eisenhauer M. This show is for survivors, thrivers, seekers, healers, Highly Sensitive People and Empaths. Expand and awaken to your higher purpose, be more present and authentic, find strength in spirituality, quiet the monkey mind of modern society with meditation, and connect deeply with yourself and safe others.

We let go of what doesn't serve us to heal old wounds, Discussing all topics related to holistic health, alternative health, spirituality, psychology, marriage, and personal development. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today! Awaken to Love is a collection of healing stories from real people, starting with my own. Join me each week as your host, Quynh Tran, explores stories of love, loss, recovery, and the lessons we learned along the way. I hope by sharing my own story and those of others, it will help you heal and start the process of change from within. All names mentioned in this podcast have been changed to protect their privacy.

Jack Naneek offers contexual discussions on seeing Mormonism in a new way. This show will provide intriguing and life transforming wisdom regarding the process of ascension or spiritual awakening in a simple and easily understood manner. Receive Spiritual Wisdom and Divine Guidance to awaken to the magnificent Light Being that already exists in each and every one of us. Learn to Love yourself unconditionally!!!

This show is dedicated to celebrating the majesty of life! Here we bring you universal wisdom that you can apply in your every day living, so you too can embody your brilliance. Podcast by Awaken Church. Listen to talks from our weekend services. A weekly podcast from Awaken Church in Winnipeg. Lead Pastor is Daren Redekopp. Weekly messages from Awaken Church in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more, visit awakencolumbus. He is wild about you and believes in your destiny.

Milf life lessons from artist & coach, Vari Longmuir.

We believe that every person is marked by a powerful, creative and loving God, and in turn we are created to leave our mark on this world. You can also watch live and archived services on youtube, FB, our Awaken Church phone app and at www. The Human Species is evolving.

We are heading for an entirely new paradigm. The internet is our collective mind manifested into the world. New well, actually quite old ideas like the Law of Attraction, Reincarnation, and Spiritual Awakening are emerging. Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and more plan to entirely shift our existence.

We MUST talk about the ramifications. That's what this show is all about! Let's Explore -Paul Tokgozoglu. A show for women who are on the verge of massive upleveling and ready to become their highest selves. In this podcast, Alaina shares weekly episodes talking about all things spirituality, female entrepreneurship, mindset, holistic health, and everything interconnected to creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. Weekly teachings on Tibetan Buddhist lamrim texts. Venerable Thubten Chodron teaches texts on the stages of the path to awakening or lamrim, showing clearly how to meditate on them and apply these teachings in our daily lives.

Get the podcast on TuneIn Radio. Soulful rambles - it literally feels like we're having a cup of tea and hanging out in my kitchen. I've got a lot of questions and I don't have the answers but I'm curious enough to start the convo and see where it goes from here. Let's chat. This podcast captures messages spoken at our Sunday morning gatherings in Warman, SK. Online: www. An in-depth look at community affairs on a local, national and international level, with interviews and commentary.

Hosted by Sabrina Jacobs. We believe an Awakening has been happening for some time now. Our Show Hosts as Light Workers believe they are here to help you along your journey.

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They work to bring the best information and resources. Bringing you Enlightened Guests that help you get a better picture of your place in this dimension. Check out our website: www. Connie Chapman is a life coach, speaker and writer who teaches practical, yet soulful ways to clear out struggle, fear and limitation and live with more fulfilment, freedom and flow.

Paradigm Shift Radio 110 - Cultivating Sexual Energy. Unlocking Our Potential.

On Awaken Radio Connie brings you heart-opening conversations and inspiring interviews with thought leaders and experts from all over the world. You will hear raw, honest and vulnerable conversations which share the transformative journeys that both Connie and her guests have walked. Each episode is filled with in Exploring creativity, inspiration and practice through interviews with heart-centered creators.

Play later. We're all trying to achieve a certain level of balance when in comes to the various facets of our lives. When it comes that last one, and more specifically, marriage, I'm definitely an advocate for putting in the work towards making the necessary commitment for the long run.

But let's not kid our This episode is dedicated to my newly departed aunt. My best best best best best best buddy. Thank you, Aunt Gee for all that you were and all that you taught me. The next round of Unleash Your Inner Magick starts soon! All the details are at www. Guest speaker David Bailey, founder of Arrabon and Urban Doxology, challenged and encouraged us to be faithful fanatics of Jesus, leading us to become the reconciling Church. By Awaken Community. This is season 2 and we are embarking on a whole new journey together.

Always information, insights and dialogue from a Black Perspective.

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By Time for an Awakening. By A Rude Awakening. By Pastor Brandon Bowers. Kenna Conway is an artist and hypnotist, with a passion for creating intersections between art and healing. Anothr Reality was born out of her fascination with the brain and neuroscience, as well as her desire to express healing as an art form.

For her, creativity and imagination are everything. When the floodwaters hit, strategize, adjust, then keep paddling hard through the storm. By Pastor Kevin Miller.