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The medical examiner later determined that she had been raped before the murder. Parker called the police and spent the next several days in a fog of grief and sedation.

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Several days later, while mourning with her family, he got a call from the attorney for Lancaster County, Nebraska. There was some new information, the attorney said, and he asked if Parker could come in and help with the investigation.

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When Parker arrived, he was led into a windowless room and introduced to a large, well-dressed man named John Reid. Reid was a former Chicago street cop who had become a consultant and polygraph expert. He had developed a reputation as someone who could get criminals to confess. Rather than brutalize suspects, as police often did in those days, he used modern science, combining his polygraphic skills with an understanding of human psychology. Reid hooked Parker up to the polygraph and started asking questions. As the hours wore on, Reid began to introduce a story.

Nancy refused to give Parker the sex that he required, and she flirted with other men. One day, in a rage, Parker took what was rightfully his. After nine hours of interrogation, Parker broke down and confessed.


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He recanted the next day, but a jury found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to life in prison. He hired new employees, took on more clients, and developed more sophisticated methods of questioning. Today, John E. The company says that the people it trains get suspects to confess eighty per cent of the time. A growing number of scientists and legal scholars, though, have raised concerns about Reid-style interrogation. Of the three hundred and eleven people exonerated through post-conviction DNA testing, more than a quarter had given false confessions—including those convicted in such notorious cases as the Central Park Five.

But false confessions, which often lead to these convictions, are not rare, and experts say that Reid-style interrogations can produce them. It lasted three days and cost five hundred and eighty dollars. There were about forty people in the class—mostly police officers, federal agents, and private security workers. The instructor, Lou Senese, joined the firm in , shortly after he graduated from college, and is now a vice-president. A middle-aged Chicagoan who resembles a less edgy Dan Ackroyd with glasses, he has the manner of an affable salesman. He mixed lessons in interrogation with homespun stories about how he used his training to outwit a car dealer, and how his daughters used it to manipulate him.

The hallmark of lying is anxiety, he said, and interviewing therefore involves watching for signs of anxiety and occasionally causing it. The Reid Technique begins with the Behavior Analysis Interview, in which you determine whether the suspect is lying. Is there any reason that your DNA would turn up there? He showed us footage of a dark-haired woman being questioned about having changed her prescription for oxycodone from ten pills to forty.

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She gave equivocal answers, touched her face, and cast her eyes down and to the left. In another video, a bearded bank-robbery suspect sighed and shrugged while giving meandering answers. When the kid paused to rub his eye, Senese turned and shot us a look. If you decide that the suspect is lying, you leave the room and wait for five minutes. Then you return with an official-looking folder.

You remain standing to establish your dominance.

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The next phase—Interrogation—involves prodding the suspect toward confession. Whereas before you listened, now you do all the talking. If the suspect denies the accusation, you bat it away. Having headed off denials, you steer the subject toward a confession by offering a face-saving alternative. In the case of the woman who tampered with her oxycodone prescription, you can suggest that the dentist did not give her enough pain pills and that she only wanted to save a trip to the pharmacy.

No matter how repugnant the crime, he told us, you can come up with a rationalization that makes it easier for the suspect to admit it. The standard Reid Technique manual, first published in and now in its fifth edition, suggests a way an interviewer can minimize rape:. Joe, no woman should be on the street alone at night looking as sexy as she did.

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You can further lower barriers to confession by presenting the crime as the lesser of two evils. Was this your idea or did your buddies talk you into it?