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Standard materials are carbon steel, chrom-moly, and stainless steel. Low Loss Flow Tubes. Flow-Lin low loss flow tubes offer the ultimate in simplicity and efficiency while allowing the lowest permanent pressure loss. These flow tubes also still provide high accuracy and wide rangeability.

They are ideal for water and sewage treatment plants where low pressure loss is critical. The standard construction uses carbon steel with a stainless steel or bronze throat liner. Furthermore, we construct these tubes as a flange-end, weld-end, or insert type. Laboratory calibration is available when our customers demand extremely high accuracy.

Venturi Tubes.

Standards for Flow Nozzles, Venturies and Orifices

Our venturi tubes can measure the flow of almost all liquids, steam, and gases. We design and fabricate them using ASME and ISO recommendations to produce a specified differential for a designed flow rate to ensure a low permanent pressure loss, a wide rangeability, and an extremely high accuracy.

Meter Runs. Our meter runs offer the ultimate accuracy in flow meter sections. We combine concentricity of pipe, quality of welds, high tolerances of flanges, and precision machining of primary devices for reliable measurement. Springer Professional. Back to the search result list.

Table of Contents Frontmatter Chapter 1.

Introduction and History Abstract. Differential-pressure flowmeters called differential-pressure meters remain the most common type of meter for large and medium flowrates: their demise has often been predicted, and yet large numbers of them are still both used and bought. The reasons for their continued popularity are considered: their advantages and disadvantages are listed.

An introduction to Reynolds number and velocity profile, pipe roughness and pressure loss is provided. The essential requirements for differential-pressure flow measurement are described and discussed, and the location of material in other chapters required to meet these requirements is given.

The history of flow measurement by Venturi tubes and orifice plates is described, with particular reference to Clemens Herschel in the main text and an Appendix on Sextus Julius Frontinus. This chapter describes the main design specifications for orifice plates more precisely, orifice meters : it points the reader to important parts of ISO and gives reasons for the requirements in the standard.

It covers the orifice plate the circularity of the bore, the flatness, the parallelism of the two faces, the surface condition of the upstream face, and, above all, the edge sharpness , the pipe the pressure tappings, the pipe roughness, the effect of upstream steps, the concentricity of the orifice plate in the pipe and the circularity and cylindricality of the pipe , the measurements of both the orifice plate and the pipe, and the pressure loss.

Coulton RED6 Orifice Plate Assemblies

A very significant incorrect installation of an orifice plate within the pipe, a reversed orifice plate, is also covered. Appendix 2. A considers the use of orifice plates of diameter smaller than that permitted in ISO The effect of upstream fittings is not covered here: it is Chap. The basic instruction remains to follow ISO For some important deviations from ISO the errors in discharge coefficient can be calculated using what is described in this chapter.

Orifice Plates and Venturi Tubes

This chapter describes the main design specifications for classical Venturi tubes : it points the reader to important parts of ISO and gives reasons for the requirements in the standard. It covers the different types: their shape and their discharge coefficient. It includes the tappings, the dimensional measurements, the effect of roughness and the pressure loss. Gas flow at high Reynolds number and the effect of upstream fittings are not covered here: they are in Chaps.

The basic instruction remains to follow ISO , probably with only one tapping, instead of four tappings, in each plane. This chapter covers the auxiliary equipment required to derive the flowrate from the differential pressure generated by a differential-pressure meter such as an orifice plate or a Venturi tube, described in Chaps.